Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Context This dataset consists of 1500+ listings, scraped from an Australian commercial real estate website on 14 April 2021. Only listings under 200 square meters in area were scraped to exclude large, but very sparse rural properties.

Columns The data comes with some small processing from the listings, including the metadata. Here is a brief overview.

title : title of the listing price : indicated price for the property. Unlike residential real estate, it can be quite obscure. nbn : availability of National Broad Band Network (fast-ish internet connection) on premises. address : property address. text : text of the add, line breaks included to replicate the structure as in the listing. area : floor or land area, in usually in square meters. type : type of business that property is most suitable for. Often regulated by local authorities. lattitude : geographic coordinate longitude : geographic coordinate

Alexander Kozlov
Alexander Kozlov
Data Scientist

Data Scientist, Recommendation Engines and NLP