Daily Electricity Price and Demand Data

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As of 2020, 6.7 million people reside in Victoria, Australia’s second most populated state. Most of them, 5 million, live or work in Melbourne, state’s capital. During 2020 Australia was among the first to close international borders, followed by a closure of interstate borders. Victoria introduced some of the strictest pandemic-related restrictions on business activity that resulted in a significant portion of its population working from home.

The dataset covers 2016 days between 1 January 2015 and 6 October 2020. During some intraday intervals RRP was negative, so that energy producers were paying consumers rather than wise versa. Below is a brief description fo the data:

date : datetime, the date of the recording demand : float, a total daily electricity demand in MWh RRP : float, a recommended retail price in AUD$ / MWh demand_pos_RRP : float, a total daily demand at positive RRP in MWh RRP_positive : float, an averaged positive RRP, weighted by the corresponding intraday demand in AUD$ / MWh demand_neg_RRP : float, an total daily demand at negative RRP in MWh RRP_negative : float, an average negative RRP, weighted by the corresponding intraday demand in AUD$ / MWh frac_at_neg_RRP : float, a fraction of the day when the demand was traded at negative RRP min_temperature : float, minimum temperature during the day in Celsius max_temperature : float, maximum temperature during the day in Celsius solar_exposure : float, total daily sunlight energy in MJ/m^2 rainfall : float, daily rainfall in mm school_day : boolean, if students were at school on that day holiday : boolean, if the day was a state or national holiday

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